Graf Services

Websites and multimedia :

  • Needs analysis, ergonomics, design and hosting of high-end dynamic websites
  • Intranet and custom application development
  • Web Commerce and Security
  • Graf Continuous Support Service, update, backups of your website
  • Marketing and Web tools evolution
  • Personalize training and courses (videos) for publishing and administration of your website
  • Optimization for your placement in search engines (SEO-SEF) (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)
  • Promotional Audio-Visual Material (DVD - Video - TV)
  • Partnership or cooperation in your commercial or educational Web projects
  • Animation, 3D
  • and more...

Social Networks - Web and Traditional Marketing :

  • Maximum integration between your website and social networks. Comments, recording, friends, etc.
  • Graf automatic system for propagating your blog news to your social networks (with links to your website).
  • Development, personalization and maintenance of corporate pages on Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin or others..
  • Marketing Strategies with Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin - Google, others...
  • Specialist in Google Ads targeted campaigns (formerly Google Adwords).
  • Traditional marketing, maintenance and development of visual identity.
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Search and registration on web directories and important websites related to your business (SEO).
  • and more...

SPECIAL PRODUCT - The Flip Page Graf :

Turn your catalogue, newspaper, book, flyer or printed magazine into a web product easily and inexpensively.
A simple way to put your print material on the web.
Possibilities :
  • Tables of contents with or without subcategories
  • Search engine for internal text
  • Inserting bookmarks and adding notes
  • Thumbnails
  • Separate url of pages for sending by email
  • Full screen viewing
  • Magnification of images
  • Printing
  • Download the document and individual page in pdf
  • Page change sound
  • Background music (if needed)
  • Link to your website
  • SEO optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Share the publication by email or on social websites (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Included format for IPhone, IPad and Android
  • Navigation and flexible zoom
  • Hosted on high performance Graf servers located in Montreal or your own server
  • and many other possibilities...

• Hosting by Graf or on your servers, easy to insert into your website  (one line of code)
• Can start at prices as low as $ 150.00 for 50 pages.

Complete Graphic Services

  • Corporate image development
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Printed material and distribution
  • Promotional material
  • Business start-up marketing
  • Image search for your projects (from our royalty free image library)
  • Counselling services
  • and much more...

Websites construction, steps by steps :

Estimated costs of a dynamic website

The sites that Graf produces or any other works are the reflection of quality, the attention to detail and honesty that are the basis of our work ethic.

Also, we prefer to work with customers who convey the same values.

What is included with all Graf sites :
  • As needed - We take professional photos (about 10 photos).
  • Three hours of training (personalized videos) on getting started and editing your site.
  • Access to our teaching materials (pdf guides and help videos).
  • Access to our private section of the Graf technical assistance forum (24h / 24h)
  • Subscription to our newsletter (tips and tricks and news from Graf)
  • Sites tested on major platforms, devices and browsers (Mac, Windows, Android..., tablets and mobile phones...)
  • Graf sites are optimized for performance.
  • (SEO) Optimized for search engines and verified Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Inserted Google Analytics.
  • Installation / Verification of a permanent redirect (301) (minimum for SEO).
  • English and French websites with management tools, first-class edition - Administration and site.
  • Internal security firewall of professional quality.
  • Enhanced security on the server-side.
  • Basic SSL security certificate ( - Also preferred by search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Integral security copy system incorporated and under your control.
  • Advanced editor. (easy insertion of videos, documents, sounds, galleries, popup, pre-established templates, spelling, etc.).
  • Google structured data management tools (SEO), integrated with the advanced editor and an administrative tool.
  • Advanced and flexible contact form and integrated Google Map.
  • High-level professional server hosting service situated in Montreal.
  • Complete copy of your site with database - (Copy tested on our servers)
  • System of versions of articles.
  • Blog system with frontal presentation.
  • First-class front-end slideshow (if needed)
  • and much more...

The time of construction and the total price for a website are related to :
  • The motors (functionalities) requested
  • Complexity and level of programming
  • The level of security (especially with commercial websites)
  • The level of code optimization and performance
  • The level of optimization for the placement of search engines
  • The scope and type of content
  • etc ...

Price examples for a Graf website :

The following awards are based on a bilingual website of approximately eight pages (16 pages).

Includes the front page or homepage and all that is included by default.

Prices are approximate.


For sites with e-commerce, documents repository or other types of sites with a lot of content the prices do not include filling the website with products or elements.

Another estimate will be given if you prefer Graf to take care of it.

Graf can also make a personalized video help so you can do it yourself.



• All that is already included
• The Seal of Quality Graf
From $2,400

+ Graf Continuous Support Service (see infos...)
Technical support 24h/24h (private forum, videos)
• Graf guaranteed reduced rate work
From $265  (annually)

Special prices for non-profits - Contact Us!


• All that is already included
• The Seal of Quality Graf

+1 or 2 specialized extensions (see infos...)
From $3,400

+ Graf Continuous Support Service (see infos...)
• Technical support 24h/24h (private forum, videos)
• Graf guaranteed reduced rate work
From $265  (annually)


• All that is already included
• The Seal of Quality Graf
+1 or 2 specialized extensions (see infos...)
+ Commerce with Paypal/Credit Cards
From $4,400

+ Graf Continuous Support Service (see infos...)
• Technical support 24h/24h (private forum, videos)
• Graf guaranteed reduced rate work
From $265  (annually)


• All that is already included
• The Seal of Quality Graf
+1 or 2 specialized extensions (see infos...)
  + Complete electronic commerce with security
From $5,400

  + Graf Continuous Support Service (see infos...)
• Technical support 24h/24h (private forum, videos)
• Graf guaranteed reduced rate work
From $265  (annually)

Addition of specialized extensions :
Graf included in all its sites several professional extensions that are essential to the production of a modern website. As a Graf site owner, you never pay for these extensions and their updates. Graf takes care of it.

We pay for these extensions because they are necessary for the functionality of a basic website.

If you need other specialized extensions to meet specific needs, Graf will open an account in your name with the developers of these extensions so you can pay yourself for updates.

Graf will take care of all updates on your website with its Continuous Support Service.

Many Joomla extension developers offer their products, updates and support for free.

The best professional extensions can require small monetary support (often annual). This support rarely exceeds one hundred dollars annually (average around $40 per year).

This allows you to access state-of-the-art extensions, their upgrades and outstanding support.

Graf Continuous Support Service

— Maintaining a website —
A website is a complex assembly of code and can be compared to a software or operating system (Ex .: Mac OS, Windows ...) on your computer.

Your operating systems and software need to be constantly updated to stay functional and secure, the same applies to your website.

Your website is an open door to the world. Even small websites can be attacked hundreds or even thousands of times a day by malicious entities that will try to destroy it, take control or retrieved information.

A website that has been successfully attacked can be banned from its hosting service to protect its servers, and it will easily cost you between $500 or more, to allow your site builder to fix it..

No system in computer language, even the largest firms (IBM, Apple ..., governments or others), can claim to be safe from security break-in.

The quality of Graf web sites, the inclusion of a high-end firewall, the complete security copy system and Graf Continuous Support Service that accompanies your website, minimize the chances of successful attacks and ensures a minimum cost for repairing and putting your website back online.


In addition to sharing our knowledge with you, Graf will do its best so that you can be as independent as possible in managing your site..

Unlike many website building and maintenance services, Graf builds its sites and provides after-sales support that will help you take control of your web presence yourself.

Of course, if you do not have the time or the personal, Graf can look after you for editing your website.

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